About us

Anil pack- Industries’ trustworthy Partner in Packaging Industry

Anil pack Co. has been established to serve Iranian manufacturers and brands, in the field of printing and packaging industry. Anil Pack, is one of the subsidiaries of Resaneh Bartar Holding, which has more than 20 years’ experience.

How was Anil Pack created?

Resaneh Bartar has started working in the field of media, since 2001 and set up the first printing press center of the country, in 2009. And, only after 2 years, with completing company’s equipment, it could achieve to more than 70% of the printing market at central and southern regions of the country.

Currently, along with printing national newspapers of the country, Resaneh Bartar prints the magazines of Isfahan, Yazd, Kerman, Fars, Khuzestan, Chaharmahal & Bakhtiari and Kohgiloyeh & Boyerahmad provinces, too.

This company, did not restrict its activity to printing press and planned to enter to packaging market in 2015, with establishing Anil Pack Co.

By following worldwide standards, obtaining technical knowledge and importing the latest advanced machinery, Anil Pack is going to assist growing the printing and packaging industry with a systematic and scientific vision. Following this strategy and with equipping to the latest technology and newest machinery, Anil Pack inaugurated in 2017.

What is Anil Pack expertise?

Anil Pack expertise with technical knowledge and commitment along with technology, is divided to 3 major part:

  • Professional printing of IML label
  • Metalize printing and production
  • Printing and packaging production with Million circulation


Anil Pack, Knowledge and experience on sensitive and professional printing of IML label

One of these items, is entering to the complex and important world of IML printing. Although, there are advanced machines for IML printing in our country, today, major parts of IML needs for Iran Industries are produced in Turkey. The lack of adequate knowledge in producing this special label causes to capture Iran’s market by Turkish companies.

We have the capacity of producing IML labels types with different effects in Anil Pack and currently, we are working with Iranian’s major industries in IML printing field.


Make your products packaging distinct with Anil pack metalize printing services.

Metalize printing has a silver, gold, oyster and other types of substrates. Then, printing is done as white offset. Metalize printing is used for wrapper, poster, fantasy boxes and so on. Anil Pack metalize printing has an important role on your product’s sales and marketing.

High circulation printing

Anil pack, is a non-stop production line for millions circulation

Anil Pack has been built to supply the needs of major industries of Iran and the region and all the machines and processes has been designed for non-stop, 24 hours production.

And finally, what results from cooperating with Anil Pack:

  • Reduction of packaging costs due to Machines power in high circulation
  • Increasing sales of products with high quality packaging
  • A trustworthy partner and supplier for continuous years