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What services does Anil Pack present to brands and manufacturers?

Creating bestseller and attractive packaging for your valuable products

Professional Graphics Atelier

Professional Graphics Atelier of Anil Pack has been able to detect the requirements of different industries by a combination of knowledge and skill.

In Anil Pack Atelier, excellent packaging are designed for manufacturers and in order to prepare orders according to technical facilities and machineries of Anil Pack, all the technical issues are arranged with other departments of the company. Items, such as: Reasonable cost, customer attraction, branding, difference in graphic and design are the most important goals of Anil Pack’s graphic atelier.

Lithography process for your printing orders are free in Anil pack.

Professional Lithography

There is a professional lithography department in Anil Pack. This is a great advantage for companies that order their products to Anil Pack.  High quality plate setter machines of Anil Pack would have a great effect on decreasing the costs and increasing the speed of customers’ orders. The lithography process in Anil Pack is completely free for the customers.

A professional champion from Spain
Specifications and advantages of Iberica 106, Die Cut machine

Width cut of 106:

Increasing cut’s width and box numbers on every sheet which causes reducing cost and decreasing time of production.

IML label cutting:

Die cut capability of PVC sheets and IML labels with maximum speed


Stripping capability at the same time with paperboard die cutting, which removes stripping time.

 How to add braille line to your product packaging with Anil Pack capabilities?

Using braille line on packaging has a great importance in the world. This company’s die cut machine is able to create different types of high quality designs applicable on cellulosic materials, polyethylene plastics, fluted paper and paperboard from 120 to 900 grams.

A professional machine for window patching

Kohman window patch machine is a professional, high quality machine for window patching. This professional machine has the ability of gluing cellophane from 5 to 200 micron for tissue paper and many types of luxury boxes which need to show the content of the product. Window patching ability could be up to 100cm width.

Box Gluing with Million circulation
Jagenberg Gluer Machine

German’s Jagenberg machine, is one of the most professional gluer machines and has the ability of folding different carton types and gluing as simple, 4 points, 6 points, lock bottom and 2-lines. This machine is able to handle, at most, up to 113cm width.