Services and Capabilities

Introduction of Anil Pack’s capabilities in printing field

Your orders are printed with world’s printing and packaging champion in Anil Pack
Specifications and advantages of huge printer machine Rapida 106-KBA

  • Printing 18000 sheet/h:

This strategic feature leads to increase production’s speed and also causes printing color’s stability, reducing waste and printing period.

  •  Width Printing of 106:

Increasing area and box numbers in every sheet which causes reducing in printing cost and production’s time.

  • Hybrid system:

Print capability with conventional and UV inks, separately and together, with the ability of creating different effects in the least time and creating high visual effects

  • Lacquer tower:

The ability of simultaneously coating of varnish and UV, completely and locally, and coating capabilities of foot-green matt and glossy varnishes for sanitary and food products according to worldwide food and medicine standards

  • Dryer:

Equipped with HOT air, IR, UV lamps at delivery and between all printing towers and speeding up the UV drying

IML Printing

Printability on all PVC sheets and IML labels with maximum speed
Automatic washing system of machine and plate replacement:
Automatic washing of reels and printing cylinders and reducing printing preparation time

Printed sheet’s thickness:

Paper board up to 450 gsm, 0.04-1.6 mm thickness, printability on E-flute cartons with 1.6 mm thickness, which results no need to laminate on cartons and leads to reducing cost and increasing delivery speed to the customers.