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Most of the containers

IML Label:

During the injection molding process, an amount of heated liquid mass (Polymer granules, usually polypropylene (PP) or polyethylene (PE)) is injected with high pressure into a mold. The mass cools off in a short time and solidifies in the shape of the mold, fusing with the label which has already been placed in the mold. The end result is a decorated packaging part, produced in one step.


Glasses, plates and cheese tubs

TML Label:

The process is based on the heating of a polymer sheet, allowing the sheet to take the shape of a forming tool through vacuum or pressure. When the sheet cools down it solidifies into the shape of the forming tool and fuses with the label which has been already placed in the mold. The end result is a decorated packaging part, produced in one step.


suitable for hollow plastic parts & etc..

BML Label:

In blow molding, an IML label is inserted into the mold. Then the heated mass (called Parison) inserts the mold and the two halves of the mold close up on it. Plastic expands by blowing hot compressed air, fuses with the in mold label and takes the shape of the mold. The end result is a decorated packaging part, produced in one step


Food and kitchen utensils, toys & etc..

IMD Label:

Durable goods have a very popular market since they can be used for 1 to 10 years. These goods can withstand water, detergents, air and scratch. Molding method is usually injection and in some cases thermoforming.

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Anil Pack entered the label production and packaging industry in 1995 as a part of ” Resaneh Bartar ” Holding. After a short time, we became a powerful and well-known brand in IML manufacturing in Iran. Adapting Global Standards, innovation and constancy, and emphasizing on expertise and knowledge, has enabled us at the forefront of the IML manufacturing industry. Today we are supplying the major part of food, dairy, cosmetics, pharmaceutical, tobacco, dye and resin industry, Industrial oils and household plastic products market in Iran. In this growing and competitive market, our vision is to become a prominent leader in sustainable and biodegradable packaging in the regional market.


Those who work in IML and packaging industry, determine the structure, degree and size of competitive markets in many brands and products, including

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